Solutions for most of levels 21-60 of
Transmover New Generation

Version: 0.82, 31-Mar-2011
Compiled by: Chris Chittleborough

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See the review of this game at Jay is Games for a walkthrough for levels 1-20 and other useful stuff. (Some of these solutions come from comments there.)

Levels 61-100, which were not in the original game, tend to be much easier than levels 50-60.


In what follows, d represents a direction: Up, Down, Left or Right.

Sd” = shoot in the specified direction.

Md” = move one square.

M2U”, “M3R”, etc = move that many squares.

M*R until ...”, “M*L to ...”, etc = move two or more squares as specified.

M*d” = move as far as possible (eg., press the arrow key for a long time).

Actions which must be performed close together are joined with a “+”. Eg., “SU+ML+ML” means shoot up then immediately move left two squares.


Shutter blocks are either open or closed. Each group of shutter blocks has a control square. Moving a block into or out of the control square toggles the shutter blocks.

Some levels have general, spoiler-free remarks. Each level has a hint and one or more spoilers.

Comments, Hints and Cheats for each level

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