Humble Best of Paradox Interactive Bundle (Aug 2020)

Note that Paradox regularly have 50%-off sales on all but their recent releases.

Backgrounds show whether I already own, am doubtful about, or kinda want each game. Prices are for Steam, ignoring discount. Stuff like this has mouseover text.

Games in alphabetical order: Age of Wonders IIIBattletechEuropa Universalis IVImperator: RomeNecropolis: Brutal EditionStellarisTyrannyVictoria IWarlock: Master of the Arcane.
For ~AU$1.50 or more
Age of Wonders III + all 3 DLC AU$43 W/M/L
TBS, Fantasy, Empire-building/RPG/War
Europa Universalis IV (No DLC!) AU$57 W/M/L
Grand-Strategy, European-History
Warlock: Master of the Arcane + all DLC AU$36 W/-/Gold
Fantasy, TBS, 4X
For ~AU$11 or more
Necropolis: Brutal Edition AU$43 W/M/Gold
Action-Roguelike, Souls-like
Stellaris (No DLC!) AU$57 W/M/L
Grand-Strategy, Space, 4X, Narratives
Victoria I Complete AU$15 W/-/Bronze
Grand-strategy, Real-time-with-pause, History, Own-sequel
For ~AU$17 or more
Battletech Digital Deluxe Edition (Own base game) AU$70 W/M/L
TBS, TBT, Mechs
Tyranny (No DLC!) AU$43 W/M/L
“Story-driven-RPG”, Choices-matter, Bad-guys-won, Now-you’re-in-charge
For ~AU$24 or more
Imperator: Rome AU$57 W/M/L
Grand-strategy, Pre-imperial-Rome, Hostile-user-reviews

I do not want Imperator: Rome in its current state, so skip this bundle.